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8 Bit Series

In celebration of video games and gamers everywhere, most importantly Alien Worlds fans we are launching a new 8 bit series! Each piece in this series will be limited to only 25 copies and displayed in a classic 8 bit way that give all gamers and art fans that nostalgic feeling.

#1. ‘Kavian Unicorn’ This is a representation of how unique the game Alien Worlds and the planet Kavian is. Unicorn seems to fit the plants community well, because they are a one of a kind group of hard working people. (Limited to 25 copies)

#2. ‘Press Start’ is a representation of how I imagine Alien Worlds might look as a NES cartridge. This piece is really special because the lead developer of the game Alien Worlds accepted mint #1 as a gift. (Limited to 25 copies)

#3. ‘Back to Magor’ is a piece that was created while pondering the endless potential of the planet Magor. In my vision the greens bestowed many abilities unto the humans, including being capable of travelling all the way back to Magor. (Limited to 25 copies)

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