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Alien Comics

This series is a fictional comic series that will slowly tell the story, one cover at a time, of the origins of the game Alien Worlds. These rare pieces are my most high effort series to date and are limited to 100 copies per issue. There is also a special Galaxy Edition of each print limited to 25 copies.

#1. ‘Escape From Earth’ – This comic represents the origins of the game Alien Worlds. The moment that humans were forced to flee Earth for good, thanks to the help of the aliens. (This piece is limited to 100 copies.)

#1. ‘Escape From Earth’ Galaxy Edition (limited to 25 copies)

#2. ‘First Contact’ – This issue represents the moment the aliens reached out to the human race to let them know that planet earth was damaged past the point of return. At first, the humans are naturally skeptical of the aliens claims and chaos ensues. (This piece is limited to 100 copies.)

#2. ‘First Contact’ Galaxy Edition (limited to 25 copies)

#3. ‘Fate of a Federation’ – This issue depicts a key time in the Alien Worlds saga. The pivotal crossroads The Federation stood at when they realized that it was time to leave earth. This stark reality would be hard enough to swallow on it’s own, but only days later The Federation is forced to take the aliens claims that earth is unsustainable seriously. The greys are finally allowed to show their true intentions and are granted permission to speak with the council. (This piece is limited to 100 copies.)

#3. ‘Fate of a Federation’ Galaxy Edition (limited to 25 copies)

#4. ‘The Migration’- This issue is about the initial voyage the humans take through the wormhole into the new metaverse. During this maiden mission the humans find that life in space is very difficult and their ships suffer considerable damage during the trip. But will they survive long enough to colonize the 6 planets? Find out more in the next issue… (This piece is limited to 100 copies.)

#4. “The Migration’ Galaxy Edition (limited to 25 copies)

#5. ‘Rocky Beginning’ – After struggling to hold their ships together while travelling through the wormhole, the humans barely survive their landing on the rocky outskirts of Kavian. The new explorers see the potential of the new world, but setting up initial outposts are a monumental task for the weary group of travelers. The first days on the new world will be the most challenging for the human race has ever faced and will ultimately decide the fate of humanity. Will the humans setup a command center and find resources before their supplies are consumed? (This piece is limited to 100 copies.)

#5. ‘ Rocky Beginning’ Galaxy Edition (limited to 25 copies)

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